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AS3 Script Injection

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Интереснейшая статья о Script Injection в AS3:

In AS3 Script Injection, complete and unmodified JavaScript and/or VBScript functions, class objects and applications are stored inside AS3 files using XML, and are then parsed, sent to the browser, and executed, allowing Flash and Flex developers to create a robust browser experience without the need to rely on server-side support scripts.

This tutorial will show how to inject and execute complete JavaScripts and VBScripts into a webpage through ActionScript 3’s ExternalInterface Class. In addition, we will show how to store and modify complete JavaScript and VBScript scripts directly within AS3 sourcecode, where they may be safely kept until needed. Most of the techniques here may also be applied to AS2 applications with some minor modifications (which will be discussed).


Written by TwoFace

February 15, 2010 at 13:57

Posted in as2, as3

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